• Véronique Laugier - Open Classes
  • 1/15

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The programme Details

Mo/Re Open Space -  Residency Programme

Véronique Laugier  will be our resident artist in March!

She will teach OPEN CLASSES as part of her Residency



€10 per class

If you attend all the classes of the Residency, the last class will be for free.


March 6th -16th

OPEN DAILY CLASS    9:30am - 11:00am

Classes run from Tuesday to Friday



With the floor as a partner, the warm up will focus in a first time on the body structure, the

central axis.From the center to the extremities and their projections into space : a constant

in/out, out/in wave linked to sensations and qualities of movements.

Starting with fluidity to make softer the joints and find release in the body.

Through technic exercises, participants will be invite to play with notions of time, level, space

as a material, weight transfers, dynamics in relation to music.

In order to develop a high sensitive body connected to the others.

The previous experiences preparing for choreographics combinations with a specific work

around contrasts and energies.

As a base that will be destructured and insert by improvisations tasks.

All along with a particular care to protect the body in a long term practice and make the

dancers ready to all kinds of works.

The artist Véronique Laugier

After graduating in 2003 from the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et de Danse

in Paris,Véronique Laugier joined the Junior Conservatoire Dance Company where she

interpreted dance works of Hervé Robbe, Pedro Pauwels, Angelin Preljocaj, Mark Tompkins,

Jo Stromgren, Carolyn Carlson.

Since 2004, she has been collaborated with Odile Duboc, Laurence Marthouret, Aurélie

Faller, M.C Pietragalla, Isira Makuloluwe, David Drouard, Willi Dorner, Théâtre de la

Canaille ( Denis Buquet ), Yoshi Oïda and Daniela Kurz, Sylvain Groud, Gaëtan Brun Picard,

Catherine Dreyfus,Benoit Bar, the National Choreographic Center of Roubaix under the

direction of Olivier Dubois and Mélanie Perrier.

She also had the opportunity to teach for professionals, amateurs, in elementary schools and

thus decided in 2015 to complete a contemporary dance teacher formation at the National

Center of Dance in Lyon.

She met there Anne Marion with whom she now collaborates.

At the same time, she begins to create her own work, which combines dance, photography

and music and plays under the name of O:REV as a Dj.


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