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Rules' Project Access to MO/RE

MO/RE Open Space Residency Programme is a programme combining dance residencies and professional contemporary dance classes.Selected artists will be given access to a residency space in the heart of the beautiful city of Palermo. The programme is based on an exchange: guest artists will be given a residency space where to develop their own work; accordingly they will be asked to teach professional workshops in the morning.

The schedule of the programme is:

  • 09:30 AM - 11:00 AM workshop
  • 11:00 AM - 03:00 PM residency

The residency will run from Monday to Friday, for one or two weeks per month (according to space availability) from January to December 2018 except June, July and August due to too high temepratures.

Guest artists will be hosted by the programme in an apartment with possibility of cooking. No more than 4 people can be hosted in the apartment. For bigger groups hosting will be on artist’s expenses.

Artists will be selected through an application procedure which involves two steps.

  • 1 - application form
  • 2 - Skype inteview

Artists will be notified the outcome of their application.

As a result of a successful application, a skype call will be arranged with the artistic director in order to further investigate artist’s project and idea. A final notification will be sent to the applicants to communicate if they have been offered a residency.

Before you apply Some notes

Please take few moments to really think about the following points before you apply


even though the idea of the warmth and the sun can sound appealing and connected to summer, please be mindful that temperatures get really high during summer and it could impact your work;summer is a very touristic time in Sicily, if you are available during the year consider the possibility of getting cheaper tickets in off peak time of the year.


have a really clear idea of the type of work you want to share during your class. floor work, flying low, release, contact improv, partner work, Cunningham, gaga etc.. it will help us to advertise it in the most appropriate way.

Please download and complete the form

Send the form and your CV at [email protected]

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