MOvement REsearch Open Space

The Project MoRe

The project’s aim is to nurture the contemporary dance scene in Palermo by inviting international artists.

The classes led by national and international dance artists will be a unique opportunity for local dancers to keep training, exploring, be challenged and develop good networking contacts.

Sofia Leopizzi Russo, project leader of MoRe Open Space, hopes to promote the growth of art inside and outside the country, emphasizing the extraordinary cultural potential of her beloved hometown Palermo (Italy).

Project Leader Sofia Leopizzi Russo

Sofia Leopizzi Russo moves her first dance steps at the age of 3, at the Stage Centro Danza, in her hometown Palermo.

At the age of 17 she moves to Florence to study at the Opus Ballet where she attends the professional course and the programme L.O.F.T. Through this experience she has the opportunity to work alongside artists such as German Jauregui, Corinne Lanselle, Peter Mika and Loris Petrillo.In 2013 Sofia moves to Leeds (UK) to attend the BPA course at the Northern School of Contemporary Dance where shw graduate in July 2017.

Sofia took the decision of coming back to her hometown, after graduating. She believes in sharing her knowledge to promote and facilitate the development of the contemporary dance field in Palermo (Italy).

Spaces Arci Tavola Tonda

We are very lucky and grateful to ArciTavolaTonda for sharing their space with us. ArciTavolaTonda is a leading association in the field of Folk Dance and Folk Music in Palermo. Check their website to know more about their work!

Form September 2017 ArciTavolaTonda moved to abrand new site in the heart of Palermo: the Cantieri Culturali alla Zisa. What once was a furniture factory named Officine Ducroit is nowadays an effervescent complex of pavilions dedicated to art called Cantieri Culturali alla Zisa

Thanks to ArciTavolaTonda, we are very honoured to be part of such a bubbling cultural environment.

Logo Arci Tavola Tonda

The City Palermo

Palermo is the capital of Sicily, the island located south from italy and known as the heart of the Mediterranean sea.

Palermo is an absolute unique mixture of cultures. due to its very convenient position in the Mediterranean sea, Palermo is been conquered by many populations which melted through history. Palermo is Sicily's cultural, economic and touristic capital. It is a city rich in history, culture, art, music and food. The city is renowned for its warm and sunny Mediterranean weather, and beautiful sea and mountains. Palermo is now preparing to become one of the major cities of the Euro-Mediterranean area.

Palermo is been nominated Italian Capital of Culture 2018 and been chosen as Host-City of the European Biennial of Contemporary Art, Manifesta 12. “Manifesta 12 in Palermo can act as a grass-root incubator supporting the local communities with cultural interventions: this will help to rethink the city in their socio- economical and cultural structures and will use the existing informal profile of the city to act as a platform for social change.”

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